Behind the Scenes.

The Faces of Scubo.

In the last year of undergraduate studies in mechanical and electrical engineering at ETH Zurich the students have the possibility to realize a challenging project. The goal is to use the theoretical knowledge in a practical scope. A group of students works together in a team to solve an engineering problem. The students can decide on their own how they want to approach the project and they go through every step of the product development process - from the first idea to the concept, including the marketing and eventually the roll-out where a functional prototype is presented to the public.

On a regular basis new innovations are built. Many focus project have made a successful transition from the university to the industry in the form of start-ups. Information about past projects can be found on the ETH Zurich website.

Team Members


Ilyas Besler

Mechanical Engineer

Design, Finances


Reto Bischoff

Mechanical Engineer 


System Engineering, CAD, FEM Simulation


Yvain de Viragh

Mechanical Engineer

Modelling, Control


Johann Diep

Mechanical Engineer

Software, Sponsoring


Thomas Eppenberger

Mechanical Engineer

Team Leader, Camera and Light Systems


Marc Neumann

Mechanical Engineer

Design, Documentation


Timo Strässle

Mechanical Engineer

CAD, FEM Simulation


Leonie Traffelet

Mechanical Engineer

Design, Testing, Communication


Remo Glauser

Electrical Engineer



Salem Imadjane

Industrial Designer

Industrial/Corporate Design


Roman Paysen-Petersen

Industrial Designer

Industrial/Corporate Design



Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart

Head of ASL Institute


Dr. Paul Beardsley

Principal Researcher DR




Dr. Roland Haas

Coordinator Focusprojects




Dr. Ralf Kästner

Senior Researcher ASL




Dr. Gregory Hitz

Researcher ASL




Stefan Bertschi

Technical Support ASL




Tejaswi Digumarti

PhD Student ETH Zürich

Anurag Vempati

PhD Student ETH Zürich

Pascal Buholzer

Master Student ETH Zurich