«Done and done!» | Leonie Traffelet | 20 July 2016

I admit it. I put it off to write this blog post. I put it off because I knew it would be the last one. So here we go with the last blog post of the focus project „Submersible Robot for Underwater Scanning“ – Scubo.

The Roll-out was a full success from our point of view. The presentation was well received and countless people visited our both in the main hall afterwards. It was a pleasure to answer their questions and see their interest in our little robot, on which we worked so many days and nights.




Of course our work wasn’t done after the Roll-out. With the final presentation, the prototype evaluation and the final report we still had two quite intense weeks after the big day. And of course we had to finish our bachelor theses (which, to be honest, were a little neglected during the semester due to Scubo..)!

By now, we are almost all done with our thesis and therefore with our bachelor in mechanical or electrical engineering at ETH Zürich! And the entire team is soon to be scattered literally all over the world. Canada, China, India, USA to only name a few places were some of us will spend part of the coming year studying or working.


Although our team will not be working together on Scubo next semester, Scubo will not gather dust in a basement at ETH. We have already found some companies who would like to use Scubo for their applications.. But we don’t want to reveal more just yet 😉 So there is a good chance we will be working on Scubo during our master studies.


So.. But the focus project has officially ended by now. And I am not going to lie, I am quite happy it did. No offense, but I like to sleep more than 5h a night. And I like to have some free time. And I like to spend my weekends somewhere else than in the LEO building at ETH Zürich. But if I am even more honest, I am sad it is all over. All in all, it was such an awesome year! We built a kick-ass submersible robot based on our initial ideas. It was definitely hard at times, but it was worth it without a doubt and I’d do it all over again if I had the chance. However, it needs to be mentioned that all the people involved with this project are responsible for the great outcome of the prototype as well as the experience in general. We had wonderful coaches, who not only supported and helped us; they inspired us and provided a working environment that made it possible for us to learn more than we hoped to during these past two semesters. A big thank you goes out to Professor Siegwart and his entire lab, the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zürich as well as Paul Beardsley and the Disney Research Lab Zurich. They initialized the project and picked the team of students, which we were lucky to be a part of. Further, Disney Research provided us with an initial sponsoring, which was especially important in the early stages of the focus project.

And last but not least, personally I want to say thank you to Ilyas, Reto, Yvain, Johann, Thomas, Remo, Marc, and Timo. A year ago I saw these names on a list not knowing most of you but knowing I had to build a submersible robot with you. And by now I can honestly say, I am glad each and every one of you was on this list. It was a pleasure to be part of such a hard working, reliable and remarkably intelligent team. I hope to work with you again at some point in the future.


But this is not a goodbye, I am sure great things are yet to come – Scubo has just begun diving.

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