«We are back!» | Leonie Traffelet | 27 February 2016

We are back from the winter break and are proud to say all of us have successfully passed the exams! This means with the beginning of last week we have started our last semester of our bachelor studies.

This semester will be entirely dedicated to Scubo, we will have no lectures or exercises – just the focusproject and our bachelor theses (which are all about our kick-ass robot). But there are only 14 weeks left until the focus roll-out on May 31st! And there is still a LOT to do! Of course we didn’t lose any time and got started right away on Monday: a time plan was made to make sure nothing will be forgotten, we’ve been working on our intermediate report, everyone got started with programing, last small orders have been made and many many phone calls with our partners were made to name only a very few things we got done this past week.

On Monday we will pick up some of the manufactured parts at Libs and bring them to Alumex AG where the parts will be eloxadized – we’ll make sure to take some pictures for you guys! Other parts have already arrived while we took our exams. Below you see a picture of the front and rear bumpers that our water jet cutting partner Qualicut manufactured for us.


We are eager to start the assembling as soon as all of the components are finally here. Meanwhile we are getting started in programing. Our software team is already working hard on the thruster control and on connecting all of the electronical parts neatly together to make sure we can get our testing phase started as soon as Scubo is assembled.

Stay tuned for more news!

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