«Design Frozen!» | Leonie Traffelet | 18 December 2015

With the end of the first semester and therefore almost half of our project we want to kick off our blog. Here you can get an insight on our daily work with all its ups and downs (but hopefully more ups than downs).

After countless night shifts, liters of coffee and tea, a few batches of flipchart paper and a lot of teamwork we have successfully frozen our design and are about to send the technical drawings to our manufacturing partners Libs (which will produce all of our aluminum parts) and Carbomill (which will produce our high end carbon fiber box). The electronical parts will be ordered in the next few days as well. But of course we won’t just sit around and wait until our components are delivered. We will use the time to get started with the software, write our intermediate report and – of course – study for our exams in february.

After some discussions in our team and with our coaches we have decided on our bachelor thesis topics. Most of us will work on a software problem since Scubo is the ideal platform to solve our first robotics programming problem – the topics vary from 3D reconstruction over localisation to control and a lot more. We are sure there is a lot to learn and are eager to start on our individual problems as well as keep working together to make Scubo the innovative submersible we all want to build.

We are all highly motivated for the next semester and can’t wait until our robot is assembled and the testing phase can begin. Merry christmas and a happy new year from all of us!


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