«10 days to go!» | Leonie Traffelet | 21 May 2016

10 days says the calendar on our office wall. 10 days until the roll out. 10 days until we can finally present Scubo to a broad audience at the focus Roll-out. Back in June when we first met the team members we would spent countless hours with, the 31st of May seemed an eternity away – now it’s only 10 days…


Although Scubo works almost perfectly, we still got some work to do. Besides preparing the big presentation we have to make some final adjustments to the electronics and the software. And of course we want to make Scubo look his best when he’s standing in the historical main hall of ETH Zürich in 10 days.


Speaking of nice looking things, take a look at this delightful picture of Scubo below the “Römerbrücke” in the Verzasca River (Tessin CH). On Thursday we went there to test Scubo in running waters and to get some footage for our Roll-out trailer. It was such a beautiful day, and without a doubt we were the main attraction there – countless people took pictures and whispered to each other assumptions about our doings.


It is safe to say that the entire day was a success: Scubo worked, we got to spend a weekday at a beautiful river and of course (since we were in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland) we ended the day with a delicious pizza at a nearby restaurant – an engineer’s dream :)


Since the roll out is in 10 days I should actually go 3D-print the new light-supports, rewire some cables or start practicing the presentation..


We hope to see you at the roll-out presentation or at the exhibition in the main hall. There we will be happy to answer any questions about Scubo – we all could talk endlessly about Scubo’s awesomeness (which our families and friends would most likely confirm)! See you there, and stay tuned for more news after the Roll-out, we might have some big ones…

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